The GreenLight PVP™ Procedure is a breakthrough treatment option for BPH performed with an 80-watt KTP laser. The GreenLight PVP™ Procedure combines the 'Best of Both Worlds' - it is minimally invasive and it offers the immediate and long lasting results of more aggressive surgical options, such as TURP, TUIP and Open Prostatectomy.

What makes this laser wavelength so effective is its absorption by hemoglobin. Because of its high absorption by hemoglobin, the laser completely vaporizes the prostate tissue quickly and seals the blood vessels, thereby causing very little bleeding. The benefit of immediate vaporization is that there is no tissue left behind. Laser energy is delivered through a side-firing, non-contact fiber inserted through a continuous flow cystoscope.

Since the GreenLight PVP™ Procedure is done in an outpatient setting, patients are released within a few hours after the treatment. Many patients (more than 40%) do not require a catheter. In most cases the patient will experience minimal pain, blood in the urine or other side effects of TURP. While the patient should avoid strenuous exercise, resumption of normal activity can generally be resumed the very next day. He should be able to return to work soon after the procedure.

The GreenLight PVP™ procedure is reimbursed by insurance.